About Us

We are property problem solvers. Our goal is to deliver a profitable, hassle-free long-term tenancy solution for landlords, as well as guaranteeing high rental returns on their property.

Owning, operating and managing a residential property portfolio is no longer as easy or profitable as it once was. Onerous regulations, burdensome taxes and more demanding tenants are the modern challenges being faced by landlords.

If you are a retiring (or simply tiring) landlord, we can probably help. Our unique rent service is the ultimate hands-off letting experience where you can benefit from complete piece of mind from anywhere between 3 and 5 years. We take care of everything from tenants to maintenance, with no extra fees or costs.!


How We Work

We ensure that the landlords we work receive great value from our relationship and are provided with a hands-off, long term tenancy solution with a greater return on their investments. Our standard company let agreement is for a term of up of between 3 and 5 years and we guaranteed you rent, which means you receive one payment every month for the duration of the agreement. We handle the tenants, carry out any repairs & maintenance and take care of your property through regular inspections. We will also apply for the HMO License and project manage any compliance work required. Sound interesting? If you are a landlord with a ¾ bed+ property with at least one reception room, a good size kitchen & living space and close to public transport links in London, Midlands and the surrounding areas, you are just who we are looking for so please get in touch. Now put your feet up and we will take care of the rest!

Our Mission

The foundation upon which Kreativeinsinght operates and builds lasting relationship with agents, Landlords and our corporate clients.

Our aim is to provide quality accommodation for our clients. That means we work with selected agents that have great properties and understanding landlord on their books in our target areas in London and the midlands

Not only do we invest a lot of time and resources into the properties that are entrusted to us, we take utmost care of them and treat their properties like our own, giving the Landlord peace of mind and our client unforgettable experience.

Our Core Values

  • Long term tenancy Company let agreement for up to 5 years, with the option to renew.
  • Guaranteed rental return- Landlords receive the full amount of agreed rent throughout the term.
  • HMO Licensing-Project managing the license application and the required & compliant works
  • Regular cleaning & inspections- Regular cleaning and inspections to maintain property standards.
  • Exceptionally high standards-Proactive maintenance ensures property standards are maintained