We offer unmatched rental services within the city of London and its environs, be it residential  or commercial spaces for cooperate entities.

You need a reliable partner to help you in all rental needs. Our end goal is always the same – to help landlord and tenants expertly navigate their renting, letting or leasing needs in shifting climates and fluctuating markets.

Whether renting a property for the first time, re-thinking a rental strategy, reviewing office space options, needing a fresh rental valuation or a tenant relocating from abroad, we’ve built our foundations on giving honest, transparent advice that’s backed by data, perspective, passion and experience.

Get tailored, service wherever your are.

HMO is the acronym for Homes of Multiple Occupation as stated in the Housing Act, which is law in England & Wales. The term, prior to 2015, described a property, which as being rented & had three or more storeys high, occupied by two or more households and had shared facilities.

Since 2015 there has been an extension of the Law to include, in some boroughs, all rented properties under three different HMO schemes to improve housing conditions.

The initial schemes ran until December 2019 and has been extended for a further 5 years with each Council having different requirements. The schemes cover traditional HMO’s through to any privately rented flat irrespective of size & occupants.


We ensure that the landlords we work receive great value from our relationship and are provided with a hands-off, long term tenancy solution with a greater return on their investments. Our standard company let agreement is for a term of up of between 3 and 5 years and we guaranteed you rent, which means you receive one payment every month for the duration of the agreement. We handle the tenants, carry out any repairs & maintenance and take care of your property through regular inspections. We will also apply for the HMO License and project manage any compliance work required. Sound interesting?

Kreativeinshght’s Multi-Let Management Solutions Are Comprised Of The Following Core Elements:

  • Long term tenancy Company let agreement for up to 5 years, with the option to renew.
  • Guaranteed rental return- Landlords receive the full amount of agreed rent throughout the term.
  • HMO Licensing-Project managing the license application and the required & compliant works
  • Regular cleaning & inspections- Regular cleaning and inspections to maintain property standards.
  • Exceptionally high standards-Proactive maintenance ensures property standards are maintained.
  • We are members of The Property Ombudsman – Lettings is your guarantee that we will provide protection to our clients and operate to the highest standards.
  • Landlords are assured of prompt and swift payment of leases and also proper maintenance of all properties they entrust in our care.


Renting through Kreative Insight couldn’t be more straightforward. Whatever your needs we will help you move.

 Our team is totally committed to delivering you a straight forward service, focused on your needs challenging ourselves and the industry norms in order to achieve this.

We are a member of the Property Redress Scheme which guarantees all tenants fair and equal services guaranteeing you value for money . 

  • 24/7 Tenant Support 
  • Secure and child friendly services 
  • Neat and Safe Accomodatio
  • Fair Rent Pricing 

We are at your beck and call 24/7

hotline: (+44)02033903091

Buy To Let

we also buy properties to let for residential or commercial purposes. With our transparent way of doing business we guarantee every customer value for money. All properties we buy must have proper documentations with all related taxes paid without arrears.

We will listen to your needs and will endeavour to offer you a tailor-made buying package to fit in with your lifestyle, whether this is in the form of flexible viewing times to fit in around your family life and work commitments.

  • Property Inspection 
  • Property Valuation 
  • Due Diligence 
  • Negotiations 
  • Agreement 
  • Payment